The Imperial Concubine Challenge

Imperial Concubine Challenge

(A Sims 4 Challenge)


During the Tang Dynasty, a young teen enters the palace aspiring to serve the Emperor as his consort. Over time, the emperor soon takes notice of her, and as their love blossoms, many other women of the imperial court grow jealous of her. The other concubines scheme to be rid of her multiple times through false accusations. In the dangerous world of concubines, can your sim survive and eventually become Empress?

This sims 4 challenge is based on Chinese historical period dramas that are very popular in China and Asia that have been screening over the last few years. However, I believe it should still be quite fun even if you have never watched any of those dramas or read up on Chinese history.

To Win:

Your played sim must make the emperor fall in love with them, climb the ranks to become empress, and produce an heir.


You have lost if your sim dies before becoming empress.


Get Together Expansion Pack 

Enjoy, and feel free to ask questions!

Starting the Challenge

Creating the characters

  • The Emperor
    • Age: Adult / Elder
    • Aspiration: Successful Lineage
    • Traits: you choose
  • His Heir
    • Age: Teen
    • Aspiration: you choose
    • Traits: you choose
    • Set family relationship as son of emperor, mother: unknown
  • Consorts
    • These consorts are 2 ranks below Empress. They are typically the Emperor’s favourite concubines out of the hundreds and thousands of women that live in his palace.
      • There can be up to 4 consorts for this challenge. Their imperial court titles are:
        • Noble Consort
        • Pure Consort
        • Virtuous Consort
        • Able Consort
    • Age: young adult / adult
    • You are welcome to pick their traits, but do consider the politics and toxic environment of the imperial palace. I gave the consorts in my game traits like: jealous, snob, evil, good and romantic. You may also want to give them skill-based traits like: creative or genius.
    • Your sim starts out as a maiden in the imperial palace, and their outfits should reflect this lower rank.
    • Age: Teen
    • Aspiration: You choose
    • Traits: You choose

[Depending on the style of your gameplay, you can choose to add another concubine, servant, heir, or leave 8th family member slot open. If you have mods or cheats, you are welcome to increase the family size.]

Building the Imperial Palace

*motherlode and cash cheats allowed

*freerealestate on allowed

Have fun building a lavish palace fit for an emperor and his harem! I also recommend taking a look at some beautiful palaces made by other simmers on the gallery! The style is completely up to you, from an ancient Forbidden City to a multi-level modern apartment building.


  • Consorts and Heirs should each have their own halls within the estate.
    • Bedroom, living area, bath, food prep
  • Low ranking concubines share the same living quarters
  • The Emperor (and future empress) should have a larger hall that they stay in.
  • A small jail/dungeon in case of committing crimes
    • cheap bed, toilet, sink, bookshelf
  • I also suggest adding shared spaces like a garden, a study, a tea room and/or a chess room.

Additional Concubines?

If you would like to expand the emperor’s harem before the game starts, I suggest any of the following:

  • Creating a club (requires Get Together EP) of concubines [with your sim as the club leader] and having them gather at the palace.
  • Using cheats/mods to expand the maximum family size.
  • Locking visiting sims in the low rank concubine living quarters.

Palace servants? 

  • Maids, caterers, butlers, and gardeners can be hired  OR
  • Creating a club (Get Together EP) of cleaners, cooks and gardeners to gather at your palace  OR
  • Adding servants to your family


Setting relationships

The Emperor clearly favours his beloved consorts more than a newcomer like your sim. So before you start playing, let’s modify their relationships.

Start with: testingcheats true

then for each consort, enter the following:

modifyrelationship ConsortFirstName ConsortLastName EmperorFirstName EmperorLastName 30 Romance_Main

Do not do this for servants, heirs, or low ranked concubines. Beyond this point, do not modify relationships by cheating once challenge has begun.

Limited control of sims

  • Controlling your own sim
    • You get most control of your own sim from tending to their needs, to most social interactions.
    • The only exception is when romancing the emperor (see more below under “Gaining Emperor’s Favour”).
  • Consorts/royal children/low ranking concubines
    • You can control them to satisfy whims that specify a social interaction with a specific sim (e.g. Insult Noble Consort)
      • I leave it to your discretion to choose an interaction or ignore if whims like “Be mean to Pure Consort” come up.
      • If their whims are specific to the emperor, they must wait for him to visit, or wait for the weekly banquet before they can satisfy these whims
    • You CANNOT control them beyond satisfying their whims
    • You CANNOT control them even if their needs are desperately low
    • You CANNOT control them in an emergency like fire
    • You can control them if they are stuck/glitched
    • You can click on the consort to see their relationships, whims, and location.
    • If they interact with other sims in the palace autonomously, allow them to continue, it is allowed.
  • The Emperor
    • You can control the emperor to satisfy whims that specify a social interaction with a specific sim during VISITATION (see more below under “Visitation”)
    • You CANNOT control him beyond satisfying his whims, even if needs are desperately low, or in an emergency.
    • You can control the emperor if he is stuck/glitched
    • Autonomous interactions with other sims is allowed
  • Servants
    • If you are using clubs, you can change club activities according to what housework needs to be done, or to revert back to self-care mode
    • If your are not using clubs, you can only control servants to do housework

Daily Activities

As an official member of the imperial court, your sim is not required to perform menial tasks like cleaning or cooking unless she wishes to. Concubines should be perfecting skills like artistic creation, performance, chess playing, studying literature or socialising.


The emperor is a busy man, so concubines must pique his interest enough to be rewarded with a visit from him. If the emperor gets a whim that specifies a social interaction with a specific concubine, he will visit her that night. For low ranked concubines without a private hall, he will call them up to his sleeping quarters instead. If he does not have a concubine-specific whim, he will sleep alone in his quarters that night.

  • If the emperor has whims about multiple concubines, pick the concubine with the lower relationship.
  • During visitation, you can control the emperor to satisfy whims specific to the chosen concubine, and you can control the concubine to satisfy any whims she may have of the emperor.
  • Other than whims and woohoo, refer to “Gaining Emperor’s Favour” for social interactions allowed during visitations
  • The concubine should woohoo the emperor if their relationship is high enough.
    • Roll the die for a 1 or 6 to try for baby.
    • If you get 2,3,4 or 5, they can only woohoo
    • If playing with ww mod, turn always accept OFF, set pregnancy chance to 40%, and no birth control to be used for consorts and empress.

Gaining Emperor’s Favour

When your sim is in the presence of the emperor, she can try to get his attention by doing the following:

  • Playing card games or chess together
  • Preparing tea or food
    • Some teas, like cupid juice and love potion will give flirty moodlets
    • Teas and food should be left in front of the Emperor should he want to eat/drink. You cannot force him to eat/drink.
  • Performing piano, violin, singing, or comedy routines for him
  • Dancing with him
  • Satisfying social interaction whims your sim wants to do with the emperor if any
  • Woohoo/try for baby during visitation if relationship is high enough

Framing and Scheming

The imperial palace is a competitive place where all the women want to become empress. Although you have very limited control over the other concubines, you are free to control your sim to interact with the others (except the emperor), and that includes framing and scheming to get them in trouble. Here are some ideas:

  • Be mean to other concubines
    • Trash talking about other concubines
  • Preparing teas/mixing drinks/cooking foods that will give the consumer moodlets
  • You cannot force others to ingest it, but you can leave it in their living quarters.
  • Using the “hook up with…” social interaction.

Committing Murder

Your sim can only attempt murder once a week.  Your sim can only murder sims that she is in an enemy relationship with. Murders are optional. 

Roll the first die: Is your sim mentally prepared to commit murder?

  • Even: Yes (attempt murder) 
  • Odd: No (murder unsuccessful)

If murder is successful, roll the second die: Does your sim get caught?

  • Even: Yes (See “Crime and Punishment”)
  •  Odd: No

If your sim does not get caught, you can roll the third die (optional): Frame someone else for it. Does the emperor believe you?

  • Even: Yes (Choose another concubine that is in a enemy relationship with your sim to be punished — See “Crime and Punishment”)
  • Odd: No (You are punished for lying to the emperor — see “Crime and Punishment”)


  • If a concubine/servant dies, you can have a new addition to the palace
  • If the emperor dies, the heir takes over as emperor. If he had an empress, her title changes to empress dowager. (See more under Succession of the Throne)
  • You can choose to hold a funeral if any high ranked palace member passes away

Schemes Against Your Sim

Roll a die every Wednesday and Friday (1 – 6).

Rolling 1:

Concubine with lowest relationship to you will trash talk you to another concubine with the highest relationship to them.

Rolling 2:

Concubine will trash talk you to the emperor

  • Whoever is spending the night with the emperor that night will do it
  • If emperor is sleeping alone that night, then lowest relationship to you will do it, no visitation needed
  • If social interaction is unsuccessful in game, concubine is caught lying to the emperor (See Crimes and Punishment)

Rolling 3:

  • You are falsely accused of a petty crime —> Spend 24 hrs in jail

Rolling 4:

  • Concubine with the lowest relationship to you will make an attempt on your offspring’s life (follow steps in “Committing Murder”, enemy relationship with victim is not required)
  • If no offspring, then nobody will scheme against your sim today.

Rolling 5:

  • Concubine with lowest relationship to you will convince a servant to hook up with your sim.

Rolling 6:

  • No schemes against your sim today.

Crimes and Punishment

Crime Witnesses Punishment
Having sexual relations with anyone other than emperor (n/a for royal children) Other concubines/royalty Accused servant is executed. Accused concubine(s) to be jailed for 3 days and rank dropped. Empress to have rank dropped and jailed 1 week.
Royalty/ concubines.
If concubine is victim, and wants to tattle-tell, must roll an even number on die for emperor to believe her, if odd number, she is accused of lying.
Accused concubine/heiress to clean entire palace without help for 1 day, and to sleep in jail for 1 night. No punishments for heir and empress.
Caught lying to emperor
(including failed tattle-telling)
Emperor Accused concubine to be locked in jail with painting easel for 2 days.
Murder Servants, concubines, royal children,
Accused will lose rank and be jailed for 1 week.


While in jail, your sim can only be visited by servants (for food), high ranking concubines, the empress or the emperor. Jails should be cheaply built with only the bare essentials as this is a form of punishment.

  • Your sim may not leave the jail until they have served their time.
  • Your sim may not scheme or commit more crimes while behind bars.
  • If another character has a social whim about a character in jail, they may fulfil this whim if they are permitted to visit.
  • Food must be served to prisoners. You can control your sim to eat the food. You cannot control prisoners other than your sim to eat the food, they must do so autonomously.
  • Prisoners are to be in separate cells.

Visiting prisoners:

  • Only high ranking concubines and royalty can bring food and/or drink to the prisoners.
    • Exceptions: no pufferfish/poison allowed
  • When visiting another prisoner, your sim can be mean, scheme against the prisoner, etc., but they are not allowed to murder them (because ideally there are guards guarding the prison).
  • If the emperor visits a prisoner
    • He will go back to his chambers to sleep for the night after visitation
    • He will not woohoo or try for baby in jail
    • All other social interaction rules regarding the emperor apply

Special Events

  • Every Saturday, the emperor will hold a banquet/party. The entire imperial palace is invited.
    • Guests from outside the palace are sometimes invited
    • The emperor will NOT visit anyone on Saturday nights
    • Your sim can try to gain his favour during the party
    • Sims can satisfy whims specific to the emperor during this banquet
    • The Emperor can satisfy whims specific to anyone attending the banquet

Climbing the Hierarchy

Ranking and Promotions

Rank Prerequisites Getting this rank Maximum number allowed in palace
Servants None N/A this is the lowest rank unlimited
Maiden None Most concubines will start at this level. If emperor takes an unexpected interest in a servant, he will promote them to maiden during visitation. unlimited
Imperial Concubine Must be a maiden Must be good friends with the Emperor Sim must create an item as a gift for the Emperor (painting, garden vegetable, writing, woodwork). Emperor will promote her upon next visitation (banquet not counted) unlimited
Consort Must be Imperial concubine rank. Concubine must start romantic relationship with emperor. Emperor will promote her upon next visitation (banquet not counted) Only 4 allowed. If palace already has 4, then sim cannot be promoted until a slot opens up.
Imperial Consort Must be consort rank. Must be pregnant with Emperor’s child. Immediate promotion upon discovering pregnancy. Only 2 allowed. Even if sim is pregnant but there are already 2, sim still cannot be promoted.
Imperial Noble Consort Must give birth to male offspring. Must have 80+ romantic relationship with emperor Immediate promotion upon birth of male child. Only 1 allowed.
Empress Must be married to Emperor. Immediate promotion during wedding ceremony Only 1 allowed.
Empress Dowager Must previously be Empress. Husband-emperor must pass away. Must not be married to new, current emperor. Immediately assume new rank upon death of emperor Only 1 allowed.
Empress Regnant Must previously be Empress. Husband-emperor must pass away. No heirs available (or too young) Immediately assume new rank upon death of emperor Only 1 allowed.


  • No jumping/skipping levels during promotion
  • Children birthed by servants, maidens and imperial concubines are considered illegitimate children.
  • If character is demoted, but rank below is at maximum capacity, then they will keep losing rank until a spot is open for them.
  • Promotion rules also apply to non-main sim.
  • Empress Dowager and Empress Regnant cannot be demoted.

Succession of the throne

  • Only male heirs (teen or older) can succeed the throne upon Emperor’s death.
    • Choose favourite (highest relationship) or oldest son birthed by empress
    • If no empress, then choose favourite (highest relationship) or oldest son birthed by any woman of consort rank or higher.
    • Upon succession, all elderly concubines are removed from the palace to serve as nuns. If your sim is removed due to old age, you have lost the challenge.
    • If emperor dies but the heir is too young to be emperor, the woman holding the highest position in the palace will act as empress until the heir is old enough to be emperor
      • If the woman holding the highest position is the late emperor’s empress, her position title is changed to Empress Dowager
  • If emperor has no heir when he dies, and your sim is not empress, you have lost the challenge.
  • Illegitimate children cannot succeed the throne.
  • Adoption is not allowed

Children of the Palace

  • Royal children can stay at the palace.
  • You may choose to move children out of the palace if it’s getting crowded
  • Royal children are allowed to marry outside of the palace, but usually not inside (it is a crime for concubines to have sex with anyone other than the emperor)
  • Illegitimate children are not allowed to live in the palace
  • At least the next-in-line should live in the palace
    • If you used a cheat/mod to have the family size expanded, it’s a good idea to have a selection of heirs living in the palace together

Mods, cheats and other rules

Allowed Not Allowed
Money cheats Moodlet/emotional cheat
Cheat to unglitch/reset sim Make all happy cheat
Locking whims to fulfil later Age up cheat
Mods to increase family size (for example MC Command Centre) Jobs/Careers
Furniture and clothing CC
Mod to allow polyamorous relationships

*mods and cheats that are permitted are purely optional.

Thank you for reading! If this challenge sounds fun, please do try it out and leave me a comment. Also happy to answer any questions. 🙂

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